April is Amazing!


I was so blessed to have my cousin travel to visit Naika with me again. 16 months earlier, my cousin was the first person I got to introduce to Naika.

2013-04-26 21.38.48

Our first moment, right off the orphanage van. On van rides, she insisted on sitting by herself, sitting on laps is for babies.


Shades, a ball and a mama=a happy girl!


Working the phone, a fun hand me down from great friends.


It only took 8 trips, but we went on an outing! We went to church and out to lunch at Epidoor. It was so wonderful to get outside the walls of the hotel!


I had to buy her the piece of chocolate cake as big as her head. I was surprised she didn’t really eat any of it. She made up for it by eating most my Blue Bunny ice cream.


She’s one of us! She officially has our last name now and is legally our child.


I bought her two special Blankees in case we lose one, but she choose my cheap swimsuit coverup for Walmart as her lovey.


Modeling her Sassy Streamers hair attire!

Check out my good friend Jen’s site SASSY STREAMERS for fancy hair accessories.


We celebrated a belated Easter with fresh baked cupcakes, an Easter egg hunt and lots of candy. The boys in the street behind the hotel were the guests of honor.

2013-04-30 23.06.11

Last trip she cried when I painted her toenails. This time she actually wanted me to paint them, but she still looks a bit unsure.


The special nanny who took care of her when she was a baby.


My bossy and loud big girl. She seemed to get her way often.


Fancy girl!


On the last night, we had a big pizza party for the kids and parents. So much fun!


She loved to have her own plate of food. More than she could ever eat.


A special photo shoot at the orphanage. The brainchild of two awesome moms.


Happy, happy girl! Love, love, love!

I don’t know when I will see my beautiful daughter again.  Hoping our visits are over and the next trip is our trip home.

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