The Valleys and Peaks…

Yesterday was a rough day.

Really rough.  Rock bottom, in the shadows of the valley kind of day.

I’m starting to accept that we will not have our sweet girl home for her 3rd birthday.  I can barely handle that we will miss her first 3 birthdays.  We were matched with our daughter at 10 months and have watched her birthdays in pictures.  So, in the morning Asa and I went to the post office and mailed a package containing a few small gifts for her birthday and some cash for the orphanage to buy a cake for Naika to share with her friends on her special day.


Big brother mailing off little sister’s birthday gift.

Then I got a phone call from our agency.  A phone call that started with an automated voice informing me the call was being recorded.  It was from a man I had never heard of.  Another new employee.  Small agency, big turnover.  Our agency had made a mistake and we were not charged for several months of Naika’s care fees.  We hadn’t noticed yet.  He wanted me to okay a one time large sum of money over the phone.  This was not the phone call I was expecting.  The poor man on the other line got an earful.  Good thing the call was being recorded, I held back, a lot.  After that I cried, cried some more and turned off my phone and threw it in my purse.

Several hours later, I needed my phone to check my calendar.  The kids and I had just finished grocery shopping and I signed them up for a cooking class at the store.  I noticed I had a missed call and a voicemail from our agency.  I was hesitant to listen to the voicemail, I didn’t think I could handle anything more.  Thankfully, I had my big girl panties on and sucked it up and check that voice mail while sitting in our car in the parking lot of the store.  Our adoption counselor left a very cheerful message and said she had good news.  She even answered the phone when I called back, which never happens.

Naika has a passport!  And it is perfect!  No mistakes!


The best picture update we have ever received!

So what’s left?  When will Naika be home?


One check left, only one left.

Now we wait for word that our orphanage has submitted Naika’s file to USCIS.  We wait to hear directly from USCIS that Naika’s file has received approval for a visa stamp or a request for further documentation.  If the file is approved, then we wait for our appointment to be assigned for Naika to be interviewed.  Then we wait for the actual visa stamp and an exit letter from IBESR.

Please pray for a miracle.  We are asking to be with Naika for her birthday.  We know that it’s not realistic for her to actually be home for her birthday, but we could be with her in Haiti for her visa appointment and to prepare her to travel home.

We are asking for for mountains to move.

This is only a mountain 
You don’t have to find your way around it 
Tell it to move, it’ll move 
Tell it to fall, it’ll fall 
This is only a moment 
You don’t have to let your fear control it 
Tell it to move, it’ll move 
Tell it to fall, it’ll fall

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